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Our History

Our Community

A Thriving Congregation in Welland

The Central Methodist church, and Central United church, have been situated in the centre of Welland since 1862 and on the current site since 1882. The church is a focal point within the city and maintains an active presence in the community.

The original structure erected on this site in 1882 was of Italianate design. In 1907, during the 25th anniversary of the building, disaster struck twice. First, a roof fire in June caused water damage throughout the structure, and two months later, a city street roller with spiked wheels ruptured a gas main. The resulting explosion and fire destroyed most of the building, leaving only the bell tower and foundation walls standing.

The church was rebuilt on the same foundation, reflecting the style and character of the original structure. The cut stone foundation of broken coursing rises to approximately eight feet, meeting the orange brick walls. A continuous stone band encircles the church, dividing the foundation from the brick. The original bell tower and enclosed staircase were retained. The architecture of the bell tower and the façade of the church is deemed historically significant.

  • Built: 1882

  • Designated: 1987

  • By-law number: 1987-8757


Central United Church has a long, proud history of serving the community of Welland Ontario. Through the dedication of our leadership, pastors and volunteers, we are committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and are here to spread His message. We are open to worshippers of all ages and backgrounds, and strive to lead all who worship with us towards a deeper love for God.

Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Calling

Our Mission Statement

Central United Church has been a place of love and belonging in the City of Welland for over 160 years.  As times change, we continue to strive to be a faith community that will respond to the needs and values of the community we serve.  Central United Church strives to be a leader of inclusivity and provide a place for participation of all people in the life and work of the church.

As a Christian community, identifying with The United Church of Canada, we are committed to living lives of practical faith, inspiring worship, and service to our community, embracing people of all abilities, ages, ethnicities, genders, races, sexual orientations, gender identities and wealth.  We choose to celebrate all of God’s creation, in all its manifestations and expressions. 

Core Values

At the Heart of Everything We Do

Our congregation is fueled by a firm belief in the teachings of our Lord, and when we are together under the holy spirit of God — we become one. We welcome you to join our community and discover His power in your life. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more. We are always open to visitors and new worshippers who want to come and pray among us.

Leadership at Central United Church

Where to Turn for Religious Guidance

The leadership team at Central United Church consists of ordained clergy and believers with the confidence to guide our community in faith, answer questions, conduct services and organize church events.


Rev. Martha J. Lockwood


Rev. Lockwood leads the ministry team here at Central.  


Aaron Albano

Director of Music Ministries

Aaron is a native of Welland and brings with him varied musical talents.  He leads the choir skillfully while accompanying them on the piano or the organ.  He also leads the worship band, playing piano, drums or saxophone. Aaron is responsible for encouraging and maintaining our church’s culture by being an active leader in our ever-growing community. As our Choir Director, he plays a crucial role in the spiritual life at Central United Church.

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