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You Are Welcome Here!


Most churches use the slogan  “Everyone is welcomed.”  So, you decide to test their slogan.  With your heart filled with both hope and a little fear, you check it out.  Soon you find out there are rules, expectations and sometimes judgement.  I understand because I have been there too!  At Central, you will find a faith community that really does welcome everyone.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey or who you are or what you have.  Together we walk through great times and through challenging times.  We learn from one another and respect diverse opinions.  We do our best to love God and love our neighbours; in short, we strive to follow Jesus.

I came to Central in August 2017.  It was a big year.  I was received into the order of ministry of the United Church of Canada (that means they accepted my ordination from my former denomination), was called to Central and was about to get married.  The dear folks at Central welcomed my partner Michelle and me with open arms and we immediately felt like we were home.

If you are looking for meaning and purpose in life, or you just want to meet some fantastic human beings who live lives of grace, faith, compassion and generosity, come check us out.  Wherever you are, whoever you are, you are welcomed.  Everyone is!

Rev. Martha Lockwood

Donations online

Instructions for e-transfers to Central United Church, Welland, Ontario.

1. Email address: This is the only email address attached to our bank account. This address is private and not available for casual viewing.
2. When sending a e-transfer, indicate in the “message” if you want the funds allocated to any account other than the General Fund i.e. M&S, Benevolent or Memorial.
3. If your account name is not the same as your name registered at the church, indicate that in the “message”
4. If you are a one-time donor, enter e-mail address or mailing address in the “message” if you wish to receive a receipt.
5. It is more cost efficient to make one transfer per month as we are charged $1.00 per transfer, (and you may be charged on your bank account also).

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