Rental Rates

Hearth Room: (includes security and setup)

Morning, Afternoon, Evening (4 hr)  $100
Full Day           (eg. 8am to 8pm)


Fellowship Hall: (includes security and setup)

Morning , Afternoon, Evening (4hr)  $110
Full Day           (eg. 8am to 8pm)



Available only with the approval of the Building and Administration and/or the Church Council.  Rental fee depends on length and nature of use.  If rental is for a concert, the church offers to sell refreshments during an intermission.

The following rates apply when the Fellowship Hall has been rented and food/refreshments either are to be prepared in the church kitchen, or brought in by the renter.

  1. For setting out food brought in by the Fellowship Hall renter – no charge.
  2. Use of coffee makers – $10.00 or $5.00/hr of rental, whichever is greater.  Renter to supply coffee, cream, cups, stirrers.
  3. Use of stove – $40.00 or $20/hr rental, whichever is greater. The church will ensure an operator is present to explain the operation of the stove and the exhaust fan.
  4. Use of dishes & dishwasher – $50.00 or $25/hr rental whichever is greater.  The church will ensure an operator is present to explain the operation of the dishwasher.


  1. A Hold Harmless Agreement must be signed by an official of each renter.
  2. Renters are expected to setup and return the room to its original condition.  Custodial services, however, are available as noted above.
  3. Room set up and take down is to be done within the rental period.
  4. Separate policies and fee structures exist for weddings, funerals, and existing contracts (eg. OEYC)
  5. For repeated rentals over a number of weeks, discounts can be arranged.

@ Central United


The current rate for catering events (funerals, showers, etc.) established through the Hospitality committee, comprising the Units and CLAW, is as follows:

Full Lunch                                                                            $10/plate

sandwiches, goodies,
fruit, vegetables, pickles,
cheese and crackers,


Simple Meal                                                                          $8/plate

Squares, fruit, vegetables, tea/coffee

Note: These prices are based on church members preparing the meal.  If outside catering is required, the cost will be passed on based on menu.

If the event is for at least 30 plates,
the normal rental fees for the room and setup are waived.
Anything fewer than 30 plates would incur the room rate charges available in the office.

If we are providing space and cleanup for an otherwise catered event, regular rental rates apply.  Please see the documents Daily Rental Rates and Kitchen Rental Rates for fees.