Kids and Youth


Children and youth play an important part of the ministry at Central United as we’re excited to explore new and exciting ways to be the church together. For more information about any of our programs, please contact our Christian Education Director, April Michon.

I’ve Got Little Ones   I’ve Got Youth



Our caring and trained volunteers will provide love and stimulation for your baby or toddler while you enjoy worship! The Nursery area is stocked with clean, age-appropriate toys for a safe and fun experience!

Sunday Fun

Our loving and experienced volunteers will provide a quality experience as your child explores the theme Bible story for the week. With story, circle time and song, craft, and colouring activities and lots of free play and sharing with church friends, they might not be ready to leave when you pick them up!

Youth Group

We have a Youth Group that meets each Sunday during the service, as well as some Friday nights and Sundays after church.  We are called “CLUB” – Christ Loves us Bigtime!  For more information please contact our Christian Education Director, April Michon. Also, check out our Facebook Group for regular updates of group events and information!


Every year in the summer we host a community-wide VBS in partnership with Wesley United Church, for kids JK – Gr8.  Older teens are invited to help the young ones and the whole church is transformed in exciting ways!